About Us

LocalOTG is a leading-edge travel tech company founded with the mission to empower travelers to experience the world in the eyes of a Local, the company strives to provide immersive, authentic, and personalized travel experiences to users worldwide. How do we do that?

We simply connect Travelers with Locals who curate tailored experiences based on individual interests and preferences. These Locals, knowledgeable about their city’s history, culture, cuisines, unique hotspots, nightlife, and much more provide Travelers with a true insider’s view that goes far beyond the tourist-centric vision. From local food tastings to hidden street art tours, from ancient historical sites to thriving modern hubs, LocalOTG promises to provide unparalleled experiences to both Travelers and Locals.

Finally, LocalOTG, a leading innovator in the experiential travel industry, is pioneering a Locals as a Service (LaaS) platform. By harnessing the power of virtual in-app communication, users will immerse themselves in unique and authentic experiences, curated by their very own local guides. The first of its kind, the LaaS platform offers a unique blend of technology and cultural exchange, providing users with an unfiltered experience of exploring their chosen destination’s hidden gems, all while gaining invaluable local insights. Travelers can now explore destinations as insiders, enriched with tailored recommendations from the true experts – the locals themselves.